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The Free, Unused Rap Lyric Compedium: Entry 1

Terms of Use: You (50 Cent, or other ‘rapper’) agree to use the following lyrics on one of your multiplatinum albums. If you do so, you agree to come visit me at work, perform a 30 minute set in the cafeteria and take a picture with me. Trust me: after seeing the following rhymes, how could you resist?

You ain’t rich, I just don’t buy it.
You got less bread than the Atkins Diet.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


    yo nigga,
    my flow sicka,
    than ebola patients,
    and tighter than some shoes thats laced with,
    some angel dust,
    and a little titanium,
    you can’t race when your legs pushing weight,
    you’ll get your lines mixed up,
    that’s mistake,
    Ill get your mind fixed up,
    with my tape,
    but yall preferring a drank,
    either way,

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